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Few words about them :

Loën Laboratories was founded by Lionel Courtot in France in 2009

Loën brings together doctors and vets, who work closely with its founder to design and make organic dietary supplements and healthcare products for:

  • humans under the brand name isalë :
  • animals under the brand name VetSelect : and
  • and soon a unique range of organic cosmetics Alors!


To maintain its products’ unbeatable quality , which is essential for their efficacy and a major part of the brand’s philosophy, Loën carefully selects its plants and growing areas.

It then uses unique and patented processes to manufacture its own products within Loën Laboratories in Belgium while adhering to the ISO 22000 standard.

Manufacturing: Loën Laboratories – Vennen 4A – 2200 Herentals, Belgium
R & D : Loën – 42 route de Lyon – 01800 Meximieux, France

A message from the founder

The manual therapy that I have long practiced has its roots in osteopathy and Chinese medicine. But as manual techniques are limited to a small number of people, I turned to plants, which have an important place in both Chinese and Western medicine, to bring my healthcare to a wider audience.

I have come to understand the fundamental role that plants can have in our health.

Beyond plants’ well-established biochemical efficacy, I thought it interesting to explore their obvious effects on humans.

Lionel Courtot LOENToday, thanks to modern investigation techniques and to medical scientists who are truly passionate about their work, we have a greater understanding of the huge therapeutic value found in the plant world around us.

I would like to thank all the doctors who are helping us offer hope.

Lionel Courtot

L’Envol, so that sick children remain children

association enfants malades l'ENVOLWe commit ourselves to the L’Envol association to help sick children and their families, because:

« A child who struggles with illness has the right to create joyful memories and deserves that chance. »

L’ENVOL is a member of the SeriousFun Children’s Network founded by Paul Newman in 1988.

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