Katie Monahan - Prudent & Henri Prudent


Top international riders and both recognized as the best trainers in the world. Penelope Leprevost, Beezie Madden, Kimberley Prince, Reed Kessler, Alisson Firestone, Laura Kraut, Simon Delestre here are some of the students who had the chance to work with them.

For more than two decades, Katie Monahan- Prudent was one of show jumping’s most successful riders. member of the 1986 gold-medal-winning World Championship show-jumping team, took part to 6 World Cup finals, has won almost every major grand prix in the United States and was named AGA U.S. Rider of the Year three times. She was recently inducted at the show jumping hall of fame

Adam J. Prudent

Owner and Rider

Born in 1989, Adam is Franco–American and based in Wellington, Middleburg (USA) and Rosières (FRA).

He started to compete in France in children’s classes, was French champion “cadet” in 2002 with BELLONE D’IDEAL and member of the French junior team. He took some time off from riding in his late teens, but after realized how much he missed it and wanted to further pursue riding as career. Getting back in the saddle, he climbed the ranks and did his 1st CSI5* in 2013 with JACK DANIELS.

Rider but also founder and manager of PLAIN BAY SALES. He started his own business at the age of 24 and has successfully, trained and sold more than 30 horses in Europe & America to professional and amateur riders, from junior to 5* level.

Ranked 146 in the FEI Longines rankings (January 2017 – Moved up 245 places in 2016)

One of the horses who take a part in his success is VASCO, KWPN born in 2002, with who he did beautiful results in 3*, 4* and 5*.


credit photo ©Isabel Kurek Photography ©Noelle Floyd ©MarionRégin

Latest Results

  • 10th CSI3* GP 1.55m SplitRock with VICTORIO
  • 7th CSI3* 1.45m SplitRock with VICTORIO
  • 10th CSI3* 1.45m Kentucky with VICTORIO
  • 1st CSI4* 1.50m Tryon with VASCO
  • 1st CSI4* 1.50m Tryon with VASCO
  • 1st CSI3* 1.50m Tryon with VASCO
  • 1st CSI3*-W 1.50m Ocala with VASCO
  • 1st CSI3*-W 1.40m Ocala with SI BELLA
  • 2nd CSI3* GP 1.55m Tryon with VASCO
  • 2nd CSI4* 1.60m Upperville with VASCO
  • 3rd CSI3*-W 1.50m Ocala with SI BELLA
  • 3rd CSI3* 1.45m Lexington KY with VASCO
  • 3rd CSI5* 1.45m Wellington with VASCO
  • 3rd CSI4* GP 1.60m Upperville with VASCO
  • 3rd CSI3* 1.50m Tryon with VICTORIO 5
  • 4th CSI5* 1.45m Wellington with VASCO
  • 5th CSI4* 1.45m Tryon with VASCO
  • 6th CSI4* 1.50m Wellington with VASCO

Abigail McArdle

Show Jumping Rider


After six years under Katie Prudent’s tutelage, Abigail began working for Adam Prudent’s Plain Bay Sales in 2015, where she became the farm’s sale rider. Abigail not only carved out a successful junior career—including capturing the 2012 North American Junior/Young Riders Championships Show Jumping Individual Gold Medal—but has gone on to establish herself as one of America’s most promising young professionals.

Latest Results

  • 3rd, CSI3* – 1.45m Kentucky with CADE
  • 3rd, CSIU25 – 1.45m SplitRock with ADAMO
  • 4th, CSI3* – 1.45m Great Lakes with ADAMO
  • 5th, CSI3* – 1.50/1.60m Great Lakes with ADAMO
  • 5th, CSI3* – 1.45m Great Lakes with CONTESSINA DELLA CACCIA
  • 6th, CSI4* – 1.45m Tryon with ADAMO
  • 7th, CSI3* – 1.60m SplitRock with ADAMO
  • 7th, CSI4*W – 1.40m North Salem NY with ADAMO
  • 7th, CSI4* – 1.50m Tryon with ADAMO
  • 8th, CSI3* – 1.55m Tryon with ADAMO
  • 11th, CSI3* – 1.45m Tryon with ADAMO
  • 12th, CSI4* – 1.55m Tryon with ADAMO
  • 13th, CSI5* – 145m Tryon with ADAMO

credit photo ©Isabel Kurek Photography ©Noelle Floyd

Hunter W. Hawk

Manager – Home Rider – Horses dealer

Former groom of Katie Monahan-Prudent, he spend more than ten years following her everywhere around the world. He became quickly her barn manager and FEI groom. After his mother, he took the management of Adam Prudent stable, helping him also in the sale operation of horses.